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These are pictures of some of our puppies who have either been placed with others or have stayed with us. These puppies are not available but if you are interested in being considered for a future Kalidunn puppy, please contact me and I will be happy to send you my questionnaire.

Nothing cuter then a cavalier puppy


Our Puppies are moved to the nursery from the whelping box at about three weeks of age. Their mothers still spend as much time with them as they like. Also sleeping with them at night until they are about six weeks old. Soon, the puppies are old enough to spend time outside of the nursery, in the dog room with the other dogs, becoming more adorable with each passing day. They love their little room and so do visitors who are welcome to join in the fun.



Once our puppies are old enough to venture outside, they love playing in their very own puppy yard. They have their puppy clubhouse, their sandbox, their tunnel, toys and lots of tall decorative grasses to play hid n seek in and a shade tree to lay under to thoroughly enjoy their puppyhood. Of course, Cavaliers being Cavaliers, the adults must join the fun too.

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